Give Me Consistency

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 7/1 10:22A Darin McCann
Every bit of it Consistency is good. Some of you don’t want to hear that, and I get it. Heck, Ralph Waldo Emerson is one of the greatest American minds in history in my opinion, and he notably said, “Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little...

In Search of a Mismatch

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 6/30 3:08A Chris Schisler
The Baltimore Ravens offense may be focusing on matchups more than ever before. Greg Roman and the Ravens get called out on a regular basis for a passing attack that lacks creativity. A lot of this is...

Breakout Ravens in 2022

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 6/29 4:02A Brennan Stewart
Now that mandatory minicamp has officially come to an end, fans are fortunate to have caught a glimpse of what this year’s team is shaping up to look like. With so many players returning from injury, several Ravens dressed for the first time in a...

Time to Start Betting on the NFL?

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 6/29 3:54A Michael O'Nair
When it comes to sports, there are few that are more exciting and entertaining than the NFL. From production value to the quality of the games themselves, there is never a boring day in the NFL. This is why the sport has so many fans and is one...

The Battle at Running Back

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 6/29 2:55A Todd Karpovich
J.K. Dobbins and Gus Edwards are expected to resume their spots atop the Ravens depth chart at running back after missing the 2021 season with knee injuries.  However, there will be a fierce battle...

No Disrespect

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 6/27 1:50A Todd Karpovich
Ravens wide receivers James Proche and Rashod Bateman are tired of the Lamar Jackson “slander.”  The young wide receivers confronted the media about the perceived lack of respect Jackson has been getting this offseason.  Like, kind of tired of...

A Pre-Camp Glance at the Ravens’ Depth

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 6/24 2:40A Chris Schisler
We always go into the season excited for the possibilities to come. Much of that excitement is based on the construction of the roster and what happened in the previous offseason. The dreaming starts and ends with Plan A. After the 2021 season,...

Never Forget

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 6/23 4:00A Tony Lombardi
June 22, 2022, will be remembered as one of the darkest days in the history of the Ravens franchise – a day during which #RavensFlock tragically lost two men far too soon. One, Jaylon Ferguson, a...

The Legend of Tony Siragusa

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 6/23 2:27A Chris Schisler
From the bottom of my heart, I hope the Baltimore Ravens Flock never experiences a day as tragic as yesterday ever again. Hours after learning of the tragic passing of Jaylon Ferguson, we experienced...

Tony Siragusa: The Loss of a Foundational Family Member

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 6/22 10:49A Darin McCann
For those of us of a certain age, The Goose will always hold a special place. Yes, the 2000 Ravens will forever be recognized in the annals of professional football for their record-breaking defense, and Flock members across these fruited plains...

Our Beloved Goose is Gone

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 6/22 10:32A Tony Lombardi
Fan Favorite Tony Siragusa Passes As reported by TMZ and shared with RSR by multiple sources, Tony Siragusa has passed away at the age of 55. Details of Tony’s death are forthcoming. Tony for Ravens...

Loss of Jaylon Ferguson Leaves Flock in Tears

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 6/22 8:06A Darin McCann
He was just too young. Though that can be argued with the loss of anybody we care about in this wacky world, the passing of Ravens linebacker Jaylon Ferguson just seems too… unfair. At 26 years old, and reportedly in the best shape of his...

The Ravens and Positional Value

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 6/21 9:54A Jim Zipcode
Sports Illustrated s Conor Orr wrote a great piece the other day, about how the Ravens are building the value of their roster: Here’s How the Ravens Are Fleecing the NFL Again Baltimore is focused on...

Wallace the Robin to Bateman’s Batman?

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 6/20 9:58A Darin McCann
Participating in a conversation with the #RavensFlock about the team’s passing offense leads to three consensus opinions: A lack of progress throwing the ball this season should lead to the immediate destruction of the (Greg) Roman Empire; Mark...

Ravens Defense The Best?

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 6/20 1:53A Michael O'Nair
Possibly Many within the NFL are starting to suggest that the Baltimore Ravens may just have the best defense in the entire league. Now, is that an opinion that can widely be shared? At the moment, it would certainly seem that way! The Ravens...
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