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The Ultimate Guide for the QB Desktop Abrupt Closi

Are you highly disturbed by the abrupt closing of QB Desktop on your computer? This problem is quite widespread, and the present document provides you with effective troubleshooting tactics to resolve it.


The abrupt closing of QB Desktop can occur during various tasks that the user might be performing on the computer. In general, you can experience the sudden closing of QuickBooks when accessing the company file. Moreover, various error codes can appear on the screen due to this issue.


Read the complete document to properly understand and remove this complex technical problem and ensure the error-free operation of QuickBooks.


If you want prompt technical guidance to overcome the abrupt closing of QB Desktop, dial +1(800)2170394 to contact our QB technical team.


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What is the Sudden Closing of QB Desktop Problem?

QuickBooks Desktop users continue to report severely intricate challenges when finishing relevant tasks on the system. One of the frequently appearing issues is the sudden closing of QB Desktop when launching the company file.


Due to the unexpected closing of the QB Desktop window, users can lose unsaved data, disrupting the progress of various ongoing technical projects. In addition, an error message stating QuickBooks has experienced a problem will suddenly show up on the system’s screen.


Additionally, you can face the sudden closing of QB Desktop in the following situations:

  • Closing a company file

  • Installing fresh QuickBooks application updates

  • Opening any backup company file saved on the computer

  • Accessing any tab, icon, menu, or tool located on the QB Desktop window

QB Desktop Closing Issue: What Are the Common Error Codes?

You can generally observe a ten-digit error code on the computer’s screen due to the QB Desktop closing issue. The various ten-digit error codes that appear are called the unrecoverable error codes, and the standard format of these errors is ‘XXXXX XXXXX’.


The following list describes various ten-digit error codes that are considered a part of the unrecoverable error code series:

  • 13730 84631, 02457 79428, 00227 55008

  • 00551 46274, 31197 00540, 00000 24128

  • 14070 47688, 20103 33023, 15563 13890

Why Do Users Encounter the Abrupt Shutdown of QuickBooks?

Here are all the factors that can provoke the abrupt shutdown of QuickBooks on the system:

  • The damaged QB Desktop user account won’t allow you to launch the company file, triggering the sudden closing of the QB window.

  • Faulty QuickBooks program configuration will trigger this issue on the system.

  • A corrupted folder where the QB company file is saved can cause this complex glitch.

Preventing the Instant Closing of QB Desktop Window

You can resolve the instant closing of the QB Desktop window using the following tactics:

  • Create and utilize a fresh QB Desktop user login credential to execute various operations in the QB window.

  • You can move your QB company file to the Windows desktop screen to ensure uninterrupted access to it.

  • Another tactic is to run the Quick Fix my Program tool to scan & repair the QB program configuration on your computer.


In conclusion, the abrupt closing of QB Desktop causes immense frustration to users. You must adopt the valid tactics stated above to overcome this complex technical glitch on your computer. For additional guidance, dial +1(800)-217-0394 to connect with our QB technical team. 


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